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By-the-way , real love can even survive relationship!

By-the-way , real love can even survive relationship!

thank you! I am seeking closure and only thinking if i contact and get issues usually she be honest. I am only baffled why she said, "she is confused and loves me personally such?" After she mentioned that therefore we hung up the phone she texted me personally numerous times to express exactly how sorry she is and you will that she never ever designed for it to be along these lines. How much does which means that? Just totally perplexed.

I think she actually is actually suggesting the woman is puzzled, and you may she loves you. However, she actually is maybe not seeking wedding..I have found information on it..She cares about you, she believes you are damage, your adhere the girl brand spanking new statement, one this woman is baffled.

Dont more-realize the woman, in the event the she would like to marry your, she'd perhaps not await much time!! Since i have seen girls has actually a dream of going married.

I am forty something indian females partnered to help you a person 52 year old from last twenty five years we cannot keeps childrens

To provide much more, you should not have a notable idea away from losing their quickly and you may in search of a whole closure, i think you fear getting rejected or the enjoy when you look at the previous affairs are kicking a self defense process in you,

Just because she's puzzled today, i would personally never ever treat her real friendship (In the event that she actually is) to have "marriage"!!

are a mature individual, did you ask their why she's mislead and you will factors..much better than perplexing on your own also or droping their..

It looks like your partner is located at other stage of your life and get contradictory specifications.

October 13, 2022
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