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A different Relationship Software Requires: Perform The Famous people Line up?

A different Relationship Software Requires: Perform The Famous people Line up?

AUSTIN, Texas - Towards a loving evening for the March, sorority ladies from inside the sundresses and you will frat men within the moisture-wicking polos in-line at Cain and you will Abel's, a popular club near the University off Colorado from the Austin, to own a glass or two citation and you may a go on eternal love - each other courtesy of Ilios, an online dating app that fits users according to their going astrological compatibility.

The young fumbled to obtain their IDs and install the fresh software on the cell phones (several was required to ask for assist spelling the company's name) while they reached the newest bouncer, daunted maybe of the probability of studying its soul's twin flames on such as for instance an early age. However, every were influenced by guarantee away from a totally free Colorado Beverage, a sister of one's A lot of time Area Iced tea containing approximately 78 other comfort.

Ilios is part of a great constellation of well-known apps, along with Co-Star, Retreat, the new Pattern and you can Nebula, that endeavor to light interpersonal relationships using astrological signs. They had bought out this new pub for 2 days on the a beneficial Thursday night towards latest from inside the a few launch occurrences that have been since the hushed so that as delicate as a mouse tiptoeing across an excellent Tempur-Pedic bed mattress.

October 11, 2022
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